Flambards One2Eleven Indoor Play, Cornwall

A major new project at Flambards theme park in Cornwall, UK, has benefited from the input and advice of DP Associates.

Having been approached by the park’s owners for help with plans for a new children’s play centre, DPA concept planned the building for the new attraction and how it fitted into the existing park, as well as providing detailed designs for the interior and the various play and activity elements.

We used our theme park understanding, our 360 Play operator’s understanding and our design experience to advise on the project,” commented Duncan Phillips, which in addition to adding a totally new element to Flambards itself, was also designed as a second gate at the venue.

The unique services we can offer, as designers and operators, enabled us to help the client visualise what they wanted and needed and how it would work. We helped them to create a separate brand with the new play centre too, which can be operated both as part of the main park or as a stand alone attraction, 12 months of the year.

The new building features a range of flexible internal spaces and incorporates a host of children’s play activities, F&B facilities, seating areas for parents, a party room and carefully thought out function spaces, till systems and people flows.

DP Associates’ advice and input gave us great clarity on how the new building would work,” said Flambards MD James Hale. “Because of their operational experience we had great confidence in what they suggested and in the advice and ideas given. Their experience really came through in the detail.

Flambards Theme Park – Indoor Play Centre Floor Plan
Flambards Theme Park – Indoor Play Centre Elevations