Duncan Phillips gives thanks for the support through his term as BALPPA Chairman

The BALPPA Annual Dinner on the 9th January marked the handing over of the BALPPA Chair role from Duncan Phillips to Terry Monkton of Simworx.  The annual event hosted at the Sea life London marked the end of Duncan’s two years as Chairman following two years as Vice Chairman.  

Joined by his wife Sarah Duncan spoke of his time as Chairman giving thanks to the support he has received;

I would like to start by thanking to all the BALPPA Management committee who volunteer their time to push forward the industry while supporting it in times of need.  

The BALPPA executive team of Paul, Lisa and Kim, who work behind the scenes to make events like this happen, but most impotently give us the operations of an industry association we all shelter under at times of need.  

My past Chairman Richard, and incoming Chairman Terry, thank you for your continued commitment to the association and skills you willing share every day. 

But finally I want to thank you the industry for allowing me to serve as your chairman through what has been the most turbulent, challenging, scary, but most of all rewarding time for me.  My first opportunity to serve the industry was at a BALPPA visit to our Family theme Park in 1984, helping serve food and drinks to members during the visit.  Now slightly older but still young at heart you have given me the opportunity to serve you as Chairman, thank you.  

Over the past 18 months I have had the opportunity to get round many member attractions and organisations,  thank you all for the warm welcome I have experienced in every location. At each visit I have been reminded how diverse yet how similar we all are, the common passion to deliver great experiences and products to our guests unifies our industry at every level.  I continue to be inspired by these visits and hope to continue to visit more over the coming years thank you.

Duncan remains on the board to continue to support the industry as it recovers from the impacts of the Pandemic, serving as past Chairman for a further two years.  He remains committed to the organisation and his personal passion to increase a diverse membership of individuals as well as organisations in BALPPA to help support career pathways in the industry he loves.